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Official discussion thread for Touch. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

Need nudge =)
These challenge freaks me out…

I could also use a hint…

was trying something along the lines of PayloadsAllTheThings/Linux - Privilege at master · swisskyrepo/PayloadsAllTheThings · GitHub, without success

same here, tried all payloads and nothing…

I’ve tried many thing but without any success. I have the feeling it is some p**e magic but I could not find the correct solution.
The other idea I have in mind would require some custom compiled .so, but I think that is too complex for an easy challenge.

Tried making a writable /etc/**.**.******* file and injecting a custom .so file for privesc, but after doing that my connection hangs.
Can anyone provide a nudge?

Had a lot of fun with this one with @H4bu0n. While the idea seemed clear from the start, took a long time to get it right (unless I am missing an easier way to solve the challenge - in that case ľll be grateful if someone drops me a PM).


any hint ?

any clue for root?