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Any nudges on where to start?

Type your comment> @shamo0 said: > Any nudges on where to start? nmap

For a sanity check, is anyone else getting the SSL error message? I was sure I was able to connect to it initially, but then all subsequent requests gives me an SSL error. I have tried reverting the box, switching to a different server, etc. But cannot seem to get back in. Starting to wonder if I am imagining getting in the first time.

I am getting SSL error as well. I thought it is asking for client cert. Never worked for me.

Thanks! I must’ve gotten confused thinking it was working the first time. At least now I know it’s part of the challenge.

Thanks to the creator of this box… Made me Try Harder from the start right up to the end.

I could use a tiny nudge on how you got past this error you’re speaking of.

Interesting box so far. Managed to get a shell, but it is very limited and I can’t find a next step yet. I assume I missed something in my enum. Anyone up for a nudge?

Can you please help me with the initial foothold

Anyone willing to push me in the right direction? Trying to make sure I’m not going down an eternal rabbit hole.

Hey!!! Sup man … long time … been away for a while on forum … hows the box going, managed to root it?

Hey man, yeah I finally got it. Really nice box.

glad to hear man… indeed it was a good one :slight_smile:

Need help on last steps!

Hi ashmitadhikari, you can PM me

Hi all,

Rooted!. Esp last part really cute… classic docker…

if you need help just dm

Hey, This box was such a nice one, real good twists and many possibilities to different stages!
One of my favourite insanes!!

Hello everyone,
For some reason I get 503 error for s3-testing.stacked.htb. Has anyone else faced this issue? I have reverted the box lot of times!

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same problem :frowning:

503 Service Unavailable

Service Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.