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Any nudges on where to start?

Type your comment> @shamo0 said: > Any nudges on where to start? nmap

For a sanity check, is anyone else getting the SSL error message? I was sure I was able to connect to it initially, but then all subsequent requests gives me an SSL error. I have tried reverting the box, switching to a different server, etc. But cannot seem to get back in. Starting to wonder if I am imagining getting in the first time.

I am getting SSL error as well. I thought it is asking for client cert. Never worked for me.

Thanks! I must’ve gotten confused thinking it was working the first time. At least now I know it’s part of the challenge.

Thanks to the creator of this box… Made me Try Harder from the start right up to the end.

I could use a tiny nudge on how you got past this error you’re speaking of.

Interesting box so far. Managed to get a shell, but it is very limited and I can’t find a next step yet. I assume I missed something in my enum. Anyone up for a nudge?

Can you please help me with the initial foothold

Anyone willing to push me in the right direction? Trying to make sure I’m not going down an eternal rabbit hole.