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Is there anyone who can help me to solve this hardware challenge

With any small hint

got it

Type your comment> @0xSebin said:

With any small hint

the iss hint is the first step. this challenge is almost like something youd see on “TV”.

feel free to pm for another nudge

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Thanks SAgnihotri - Problem is I don’t watch a lot of TV. :frowning:

If only I had a way to watch TV, my scan lines are too slow. :crying_cat_face:

Can someone please help me? I have the flag but it came out lets say hard to read and it is not being accepted.

Hi Mtitter,

I had also some troubles with the reading of the file.

I just tried and tried and found out that the i, l & 1 are kind the same in picture.

To help you, HTB{xlxx-xxxx_xxlxx1x1xx_xxx_xxx1x_xxxxxx}

The l is a lowcap (ell) L

I hope this helps you and others.

Kind regards,


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@tomiza Thanks. I got this one really quickly but was having trouble inputting the flag. Really fun challenge. Thanks @brigante!

Noob here. I need any type of nudge. I feel like it might have been a Spectogram thing but I analyzed it and I don’t see nothing,

Okay I got the flag but it keeps on saying incorrect. its really hard to read

Very interesting challenge. I had no idea about this signals.Thanks for the challenge.