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I need to know as well. I tried to look up how that injection works but I just can’t find a source.
If anyone knows I would really appreciate that

hola lograste resolver la maquina, ya que yo tambien soy nuevo y estou super perdido no se por donde empezar

After brute-forcing directory found: ***** page but not sure if its the one with the injection vulnerability, tried *** injections attack but didn’t work. Any hint will be appreciated. Thanks.

Hey itghost. I know about the correct injection but I do not know why it works. If you’re interested I could provide you with the solution - can’t explain why it works though. Just hit me up with a PM

bypassed the auth but can’t get the foothold?

no*** injections*

Finally rooted :partying_face:, good machine send me a DM and I will gladly help you.

The trick is to be patient at the beginning.

I’m so stuck. I feel like i’m right there at the end but I cant get through…

DM’ed you!!! need a lil’bit help

Need help? pm me


Kinda stuck on the enumeration phase, not really sure where to go from here. Could I get a hint?

(post deleted by author)

Can anyone help me ?

Rooted! Very easy box.
The initial foothold is a bit obscure if you’re not familiar with it, as it is a bit uncommon exploit that has to be done manually and not even the common tool that automates the process can find it.