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Hello Helvedius,

Same issue here, I am getting the reverse shell with the message “Connection from ip” and then the nc closes.
I also tried different payloads but same for all…

Having the same problem on my end, the rev shell disconnects almost instantly.

Hey guys,
I’m new to the forum as a writing member. Until now I’ve just been reading quite some threads to help me getting some flags … Thanks to all who help the beginners like me in a friendly way.

Let’s get to my problem :slight_smile:
I got the ixxxpxxkinxxx1 thing and I know where to login with it. I got some CVEs but none of them seems to work and most of them are quite old anyways. I’d like to know if I’m on the right track in the z****x portal to gain a reverse shell??

Thanks in advance guys!!

okay, forget about my last post. After a couple of hours with google I found the relevant information to get me a reverse shell. Now let’s move further :slight_smile:

Learned a lot of great things with this box. Thanks !

If you can’t get a rev shell, because it times out, maybe you can add something so that it doesn’t time out.

Feel free to DM if needed

I need a small hint. So, i discovered an udp port (**3), exploit some vulnerability which allowed me to create an admin user and logged in (but not to the standard server but to this service). Am I on a right direction? Not sure how to create a shell from there or maybe I use a wrong direction.

nvm, found a way