Official RSAisEasy Discussion

Official discussion thread for RSAisEasy. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

Ok this takes ages for me.
Got the first part, but am stuck on getting n2 for way too long now.
Any nudges are greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT: nevermind, figure it out. Was overthinking this waaaaaaay too hard.

for the second part you need to know extended Euclidean algorithm, from there you can get your desired values

nice mathmatical challenge. I made a stupid fault, so it tooks a while for me my hint: e is not a binary :-/… lol

Pretty straightforward… no need for the extended euclidean algorithm or whatever.

If you need help to start, look for common RSA mistakes… There’s a very obvious one here.

After that don’t overthink it… :wink:
Finish this with pretty basic math.

If you need help feel free to PM me!

Just to clarify… normaly you should use the EEA to get this 100% of the time… but this time it can be done faster. :wink:

Very nice straightforward mathematical challenge … If you need any help feel free to PM me :wink:

I’m having a real hard time with the math here. I’ve done a lot of substitution and acrobatics but I keep coming up with too many variables to solve. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.