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Hi I have figured out their is a SSRF. But can anyone guide me how to escalate it or i am on the wrong way .

Hi, Did you manage to make it to the end?

I need help

please someone message me the solution :pray: :pray: :pray:

Has someone here been able to solve this and willing to lend a hand? I’m going nuts with this. I think I am missing something really obvious.

sent you a message

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Can someone please explain me how to complete this challenge please?

ye, i don t know how to do this. maybe i am blind, i tried with remote and without remote also. I always get internal server error when i think i m almost done.

!!! you must serve the templates !!!

It took me time to realise that. I used github to serve raw http get. Note that once you can serve the template, and you already control some flow with the some replacement strings in the header, you have a lot of control! Have a look at SSTI and “golang html template”.

Hoping this is no spoil, I had a look here before to get this info, so I guess that could help someone taking the time to push a new repo on Github and serve its files as raw (5 min).

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HINT - Try to use the render app itself…

IT says it renders links, isn’t it?

The challenge is broken, Can you please HTB admins take a look at it?

works fine for me