Official Red Failure Discussion

Official discussion thread for Red Failure. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

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Hint needed. What to do with shellcode ?
Done. Cool challenge.

Hi. I am stuck in the same spot with the shellcode. Figured couple of things about running it but cannot figure out how to disect it. Any hint?

then try to run it. some tool helps.

Got the code…ran it in some tool…got the flag/pw etc…but the flag doesnt work…missing something?
between - am a newbie here…

Hi, I’m also stuck, I found code, tried to run it but I have error with last command, getting Unable to load shared library ‘kernel32.dll’. Can someone give me a hint?

Same here. I have the shellcode but not sure what to do with it. It still looks garbled so maybe I missed a step. Could anyone nudge me in a DM, or maybe what ‘tool’ was used?