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yea i got that ,but couldn’t cracked it with hashcat rockyou wordlist 19700 m
can you advise ? i thought its another rabbit hole

your using the wrong hashcat mode.

ntpdate does not help to fix it that’s why I wrote error…
When using LDAP authentication it does not work, when Using kerberos I got that error.

You’re thinking too hard. There’s a much simpler way to specify the time.

Anyone working on root?

I’ve been enumerating, I think we need to get to user X and then read “stuff” with it, but I can’t figure out how to get to him.

Yeah, I have the user and pretty sure I see the path, just not sure how to join it all together right now.

GG season 2.

That was fun.

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Got 2 users: o**** d and l*********r. Also have the password of both. How can i proceed with them? Give me a nudge please! :smiley:

How did you manage to get o**** d ?? I got l**********r password and after that i tried password spraying but no luck. can give me a hint please?

Use crackmapexec properly

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Anyone want to help with foothold/user?

can anyone nudge me along? no big hints, I’d like to figure stuff out on my own, but I’m just super stuck rn.
got user flag, got t***** hash (and cracked it) but now I’m all out of ideas of which direction to start poking at.

hey all, working on root, I got the NTLM passwd hash for D*******R is this part of the path to root or have I fallen down a rabbit hole?

Anyone who got system please PM, I’m getting a little frustrated with a hiccup solving the D*R and msDS-A…I… riddle. Thank you! Fun machine!

For anyone stuck at what seems like very close to the goal: I had an incredibly hard time pushing through the very last bit using remote tools. After getting the flag I tested just doing the last few bits on the actual box in Windows, and it was SO much less of a hassle.
So literally trying to do whatever you’re trying to do on the box in Windows might be worth a try if you feel you can almost taste it but something keeps going sideways.

Root almost murdered me… but well worth the learning experience. Thanks to the creator.

Hi, is there someone to tell me how to make working on my kali please .
i got error : File “/home/kali/Hacking/git/impacket/examples/./”, line 39, in
from impacket.msada_guids import SCHEMA_OBJECTS, EXTENDED_RIGHTS
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘impacket.msada_guids’ . and google doesn’t help…

Found : here is the solution :
GitHub - 0xsyr0/OSCP: OSCP Cheat Sheet

hey which wordlist did you use?