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Rooted. :crazy_face:

Finally Rooted!

Box is slow. Is there anything to get with web enum?

I have bypassed the OTP, and logged in with P*****x account. Was able to upload some desired files, but they do not execute. (< converting to &lt;)
Any nudges on what to do next?

Nvm, I was skipping a basic technique. Got the shell now.

Got user. Onto root. The user wasn’t actually hard, but tricky.

Edit: Any nudges for root?

Interesting box. Thank you @jit ! Spending time made me learn 2FA principles. Thank you!

FOOTHOLD : dead code shows the way
USER : don’t bother with challenge. See how it is configured and get rid of it.
ROOT : try to understand how database is backuped.

Can anyone help with OTP, please?.. Is it connected with ba****_***e? Tried to find smth about it, to no avail.

UPD: found another way to get shell, but it is still interesting for me how to deal with this annoying OTP (if it is not a dead-end, ofc) -_-