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Is file upload a rabbit hole ?

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need a hint, im stuck after 2 days, found 3 possible entries, but cant exploit

edit: got an hint on discord

found an interesting entry but can’t find secrets. not sure if I have to read or to find those secrets. some help will be appreciated

im stuck again on next step, i found 3 things, miss one thing, please help me

edit: got that step, next one LOL

edit2: box is unstable, dont know if it on purpose: at one step, trigger your payload many times, but unfortunately box breaks very often. It’s very complicated to work on that machine with those issues

got user with shell after 7 days

edit: thank you htb team to check issue

little trick for one step, trigger 5 times in row, you will get one good.

priv esc: is it about some key ?
edit: priv esc: I have everything but it doesnt trigger a shell as admin, only as user, I need help for that last step
edit2: found the way, yesssssss

priv esc: I get a shell with some way but it only triggers a user shell and that’s not logic, but I receive no answer from author
edit: found, works only if you wear a black hoodie with a green c*be

I need help again with last step, I only get error, please DM

Edit: ok found my mistake

Edit 2 : done, im admin

Is file upload a rabbit hole?


I finally defeated this machine… thank you @peek for helping me!

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Using file upload is a necessary step to get the reverse shell.

I can’t get SYSTEm. I think it’s about the local web server, but I don’t see a way to move anything forward

could i dm someone for a nudge?

How do we upload a file in that system?

anybody know how to use XSS payload?