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Still stuck :frowning: I only see two web platforms where I can try to log in but default creds doesn’t work.
Thanks anyway for the hint!

I have found RCE and am able to work with it locally but I am getting into problem with executing it on target, my guess is not working DNS resolution on the box. Am I just going down wrong hole?

Did you try using other web browser?

A lot of times bash has the setuid set. Would be cool if people clean up after themselves.

Took me some time to figure out, how to get user. But figured it out also thanks to a few hints in this forum. Cool, how the community is super helpful. Learnt a lot from this one.

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Got the same, did you found any solution?

Rooted… python doesn’t like double quotes in a script to run a command.

Thanks @memmas !

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Is the machine on maintenance? It can not access, and is there anywhere announcement?

and can not reset that shows on maintenance

well, it’s recovered

I download file from port 3*** and got 404 Client Error anyone have same problem ??

remember that those “projects” have different privacy settings

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Hi guys, I’m struggling to get the initial foothold after identifying lf* vulnerability. Could someone help me out with a hint? Thanks

Did anyone had an issue when downloading tar.gz? It throws an error.

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I found the way out. PM me if you need help

this has been a recurring issue since release, the forum is full of answers so just reading older posts should suffice

anyways, you are not downloading the gzip file, try to run the same command on your box or run a similar command on the target box to see what you are actually downloading

got it - sometimes you just need only a little extra step -!

hello, i am facing same issue after downloading the file, can you help me out?

To those who, like me, were getting errors when downloading the .tar.gz file where it says “Error: not a gzip file”:

Make sure to get the link to the file by clicking on the raw button inside the depository’s file location.


Thanks Brother, this thing frustrated me. :melting_face: :melting_face: :melting_face:

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Thank you so much! Struggled for about an hour on this step

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