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There’s a third platform - try to login to it with simple credentials. No bruteforcing required!

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Still stuck :frowning: I only see two web platforms where I can try to log in but default creds doesn’t work.
Thanks anyway for the hint!

I have found RCE and am able to work with it locally but I am getting into problem with executing it on target, my guess is not working DNS resolution on the box. Am I just going down wrong hole?

Did you try using other web browser?

A lot of times bash has the setuid set. Would be cool if people clean up after themselves.

Took me some time to figure out, how to get user. But figured it out also thanks to a few hints in this forum. Cool, how the community is super helpful. Learnt a lot from this one.

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Got the same, did you found any solution?

Rooted… python doesn’t like double quotes in a script to run a command.

Thanks @memmas !

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