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Yeah, I deleted all my cache, closed the browser and then tried again. This worked for me thankfully

Hi everyone,

I’ve been stuck for a few days now, and I don’t know if the issue is on my side or on the machine side. I was able to get an admin cookie, but I can’t access the /d*******d page anymore. Now I have a 500 Internal server error every time… I deleted my history, cookies and site data, reseted the machine but nothing works. I see people own user and system flags in the “Activity” tab, so I’m wondering if this is a normal behavior or if it’s only happening to me for some reason.

I’d appreciate any hint or help :slight_smile:

Thanks and happy hacking

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Same here :frowning:

Update: I tried download a new VPN and reconnect to the machine. It is now working!

Did you include the port number as well? http://headless.htb:{PORT}/dashboard

Hello, I’ve obtained the user flag, but I don’t know how to root it. I tried Linpeas but I don’t think it has anything of much use



If you do sudo -l, you will find a program you can run without a password. Now see what script that program is running! You should be able to edit that script. ;D

:face_with_head_bandage: I’m on as user, however, when I check the directory in /usr/bin/ the file is not present. I can’t seem to run ./syscheck either. Somethin’ wrong? or am I missing the whole thing? Spasiba! Thanks!

I have the same problem :frowning:

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same issue here.

I’ve rooted the machine but I don’t understand why executing the file possible.

When you look at the /usr/bin/syscheck file. The following is displayed:

./ 2>/dev/null. But this would mean that will only be executed if it’s present the /usr/bin folder right? (Because of the “./” prefix.)

How come the command sudo /usr/bin/syscheck will execute the file present in the /home/dvir folder even though this path is not mentioned in the syscheck file?