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sure dm me

Thank you so much for help !!

This box seems like fun. I wanna hire them to design my website. Look at those testimonials. :smile:
edit1: i think they gonna kick out their product manager soon :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
edit2: CEO won’t be able to mad to product manager because he is also guilty lol :laughing: :laughing:

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Good day everyone! Anyone open to a DM on using wfuzz? I feel like I have exhausted all attempts between wfuzz, gobuster, etc. without luck. Thank you!


could someone dm me? i can upload file but the .odt i got from metasploit is not working and i don’t have libreoffice

Would soneone be able to help with the macro. odt file is called but i can never get the macro to fire.

I have resolved my issue with a CVE PoC from GitHub

Root part is ez af… I was overlooking into it like an idiot…

Finally back to this box and rooted

foothold: that’s a lovely part of the box, btw fuff works well if you use it on ippsec’s way

user: 2 ways takes you easily, I guess 1 is the intended way, the other is the usual shortcut

root: I always forget that gdb drops the elevated privilege :frowning:

bash-5.1# whoami

it was a good machine