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Can I DM someone about proxy auth?

yes you can

Owned Gofer from Hack The Box! finally rooted the machine. Thanks a lot, to @Miloella007 @podsrus @JimShoes @OniSec for the help. if someone need help you can dm, but first try it yourself.


Hello! I found the host with wfuzz, but can’t really figure out what the next step is, could someone please DM? Thanks!

why so?
Can you DM? I dont get this step

Thank so much to @ THPX for the help in some points of the machine.

That was a quite complicate machine by the end…

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Thank you all for your help, especially @OniSec, tip: if you don’t know a topic, research it until you understand it well

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I don’t undersatnd via my reverse shell in the proxy don’t pop up.
Can I DM someone plaese ?

may be i could help you

Really finding this machine both fun and educational

Awesome work @Que20! :heart:

Would appreciate a hint for root :slight_smile:

reading this can get you to root in 2 minutes after reading if you read it carefully


I am a bit lost on bypassing proxy auth, can someone gime some hint? it will be awesome :smiley:

got it :slight_smile:

any help for root ?

sure dm me

Thank you so much for help !!

This box seems like fun. I wanna hire them to design my website. Look at those testimonials. :smile:
edit1: i think they gonna kick out their product manager soon :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
edit2: CEO won’t be able to mad to product manager because he is also guilty lol :laughing: :laughing:

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Good day everyone! Anyone open to a DM on using wfuzz? I feel like I have exhausted all attempts between wfuzz, gobuster, etc. without luck. Thank you!