Official False Bidding Discussion

Official discussion thread for False Bidding. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

Things are starting to get more interesting … By far this is the most interesting one which combines knowledge from all previous blockchain challenges here.

The interesting thing here is that I found another way to solve it using only (~9.22) ether! Because at some point I thought that having 30 ether as balance was not enough for how it should be solved as some values were different when I was testing using Remix.

I have also written a Python code to automate the solutions, let me know if you solved it and would like to discuss it further, or if you want any directions for the solution. Best of Luck.

Great challenge!
I would give two advices:

  • Do not mimic the solution using Remix IDE, use Foundry or Hardhat instead as you have control of the environment.
  • For the people who got the solution workflow, and wrote tests for it, but still the solution doesn’t seem to work when interacting with the contract using Foundry like me x) increase the gas limit