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what the f is the way to interact with the backend

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Sometimes you need to check something before the code

How to interact with backend???

in AV, there is an unsafe method being called that should suggest a certain type of exploit, and the fact that the author blacklists certain characters in a parameter

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any hints? do you figure out?

that filter bypass is crazy. nice challenge.

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Do you have any hints for the filter bypass?
I just can’t figure it out

I would tag ssti blind injection rce ninja2 filter bypass
and we got google vs chatgpt. no more hints.

why would I be googling ninja2 ssti?

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I’m trying to bypass the filter, I bypassed all the chars except the “\”

do you have a critical hint that get me out of this challenge? Btw ChatGPT is not helpful for me, he always use badchars to fix my payload.

actually you don’t need a backslash and neither chatgpt. all you need is to read some pages and figure out how to smuggle a character.