Official Distract and Destroy Discussion

Official discussion thread for Distract and Destroy. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.

Unique. New. Challenging. While its marked as “Super Easy”, it took me a good while to connect things since its new to me, but after many debugging and testing I managed to complete it.

I really appreciate how HTB is always staying up to date and how they are innovative in the way they introduce new topics in cybersecurity. Excited for the rest of challenges in this new category.

If you feel stuck DM me for directions.

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I finally figured out with Creature.sol code and I understand that, to win I need “distract” to “destroy”. I managed to solve the previous challenge. But this one is much harder. I don’t know how to “distract” fulfilling two conditions to cause the damage to the “creature”. :thinking:

I can see my user account balance is 0 GO when i check it with cast command it shows 0 and unable to deploy contract.
cast balance 0x113CedF50bBE56F623784a4f01Eb5BbDf65B700a --rpc-url
what am i supposed to do?

Hi, Did you find any problem to run the “cast send” command??

When I try to make this command cast send --rpc-url "" --private-key 0x*****b5f312b946890bc3256199b2570dded16e18a8336eeef3cfae0f8a***** 0x50A236495200fF4C70ebfd77EE01dC606c159857 "attack(uint256)" 1000 I got the next error

I also have such a problem, it looks like a mismatch between the client and the server, perhaps may need to select the client versions (if don’t patch something yourself :slight_smile:

foundryup -C cc5637a

I tried, but I got “could not compile ‘foundry-cli’ (bin “forge”)”. The error is for all binaries(“cast”, “chisel”, etc…)