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you need dnspy
date of enc (unix converter online)for seed and put this in dnspy(app) for random value
online aes decrypter ==> obtain (7z file)

does anyone have a clue to send to get a shell from the teamcity page

It is in this part that I turn in circles
I’m on the page
This is the patch that gives me sweats

Thank you @myshell and @Rezol for all the help

I am able to get a reverse shell now

I’m hitting the same issue as you at the moment

Try to modify the script you are running to not hang on the command that kicks off your shell.

Hey i alredy got the user flag but i have tried lots of tools for privilege escalation but the antivirus pop ups
Does this happends to you guys also?

Boss move!

Obfuscate your tools. or reflectively load them into memory. Blind the AV. try everything.

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let’s talk in md pls

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Can anyone give me a nudge via DM on user? I already got foothold and followed a step to login as a sysad on the TeamCity

any help with privilege escalation…?

Can I message anyone to ask for help for the One time thing, I know I can do bf and already did passed that but I want to understand that part.

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I’m having a hard time at teamcity, was trying to modify buildstep through diff or params, but none of them worked, am i on the wrong path? any nudge on shell would be much appreciated.

anyone able to share a bit more on root? the p**admin group is supposed to be able to operate on A**S templates, but with the e.****k user who belongs to the group, it doesn’t seem to be able to do anything useful.

I’ve pwned Coder. Does anyone here actually know how to get past the T**P portion the “intended” way? Please DM me if you know how it’s done. I really appreciate any help you can provide. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it intended, that when I go to the teamcity https url, it gives me " 502 - Web server received an invalid response while acting as a gateway or proxy server." ?

No. reset the box

Someone to help with the teamcity step? i know i need to deploy a new build but i don’t know how

Hi there,

i already have a rev shell from teamcity, but after some time it is closed by the server. I Used powershell version of revshell and it was closed after first command there. Now im using netcat revshell. I can do more, but also it is closed after some time.
Could anyone DM me for small talk ?

Thanx a lot.