[NOOB] Stuck on Optional Exercise - Banner Grabbing

Hi, sorry to bother but I’m super stuck and getting kinda frustrated with this. I’m not even sure if asking here is something that’s actually done.

Anyways, I just need help, a hint, ANYTHING to solve the optional exercise “Apply what you learned in this section to grab the banner of the above server and submit it as the answer”. As usual I’m given a spawnable “target” to work with, that is the server mentioned above i guess.

In this module (Basic Tools, section is Getting Started…), they talk about LOTS of tools with lots of comandos and I’ve tried pretty much anything but can’t manage to grab the server banner.

Please just somebody help me u.u thx

edit: forgot to mention, but i used bash terminal and i actually tried netcat comandos, nmap comandos, i dont know man i’ve tried everything they mention on the module and nothing works and i’ve looked up the answer but i want to know how its done… i even tried talking to the bot -.-


The mistake was that I ignored the port number given by the spawnable target; just paid attention to the ip!

so the comando after editing with vim, would be like this: $nc ipnumber portnumber

thanks to michael and mitch for helping me! x