I am stuck for a few days now, and I’m don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
The question is:
Enumerate the target and find a vHost that contains flag No. 1. Submit the flag value as your answer (in the format HTB{DATA}).

When I’m doing FFUF on it, and want to go to for example blog.inlanefreight.htb than everything is the same webpage. The webpage from the Ubuntu Apache page.
When i go to HTTP://inlanefreight.htb than I got a flag 1, but when I fill it in, it said that it isn’t the write answer.

I added the findings from FFUF to /etc/hosts/ with the given target-ip.

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong, please?

I am gonna help you because I received many helps here too. To get the correct results from ffuf, you need to ensure that the IP address after -u contains a http in front (eg In addition, the -H parameter will need to have NO http in front (eg: Host:

Also remove all your hosts entry related to HTB from /etc/hosts, if any. Should be working after this.
Btw your flag 1 is incorrect. You will know once you get the results from ffuf.


Thank you verymuch