Newbie Looking for Guidance

Newbie here, due to the pandemic im looking to change my career and cyber security atracts my curioisty, since i am looking into some courses i tought of getting some experience before making up my mind.
With that said, im seeking for your experience into some guidance of what are the essentials i should look into, and what i should look in a course.

What to look for in the course is a bit difficult to indicate.

What is your background? Do you already have network and programming experience, etc?

If you are really completely new I would just start with all the easy machines and challenges here on htb or other sites.

In my view, Hands-on is the best start, especially in combination with the many writeups and videos from ippsec.

Consider a VIP if you want to do retired machines with writeups and challenge yourself to do the easy live machines possibly with the help of the forum.

With this approach you will actually encounter all the facets you need.

I myself would not start a course too soon, especially if you do not know exactly what your ambitions are.

Besides doing the machines and learning the techniques, it is good to:

  • working on your Google skills - this is so important, it is often a bit giggly, but most of your information comes from there, so train these skills too

  • Learn to document yourself, especially in the beginning the material / information can be overwhelming, so you want a fixed structure that you can fall back on and supplement it along the way.
    Cherrytree works fine for this (at least my preference).

  • And lastly, have fun. Don’t get discouraged, if you’re stuck Try harder, let those Google servers smoke or ask substantiated questions in the forum.

Perhaps not the answer you expected, but hope it contributes.

Good luck !