New tool: redhttpd

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share a small project that I’ve recently started: GitHub - joaogmauricio/redhttpd: Forget "python -m SimpleHTTPServer". redhttpd implements (o.

The idea behind this tool is the development of something that substitutes the usual “python -m SimpleHTTPServer” (it can be seem as a “SimpleHTTPServer on steroids”), is equally easy to use and save time and effort for red teams and penetration testers.

As this is very much in “beta stage”, feel free to clone, share, suggest new features, contribute, give feedback, etc… :wink:

Thank you!

good job! I will take a look at that!

Thanks @3poke!

Looks good dude, I’ll test it out when i can. Thanks!

@Skunkfoot said:
Looks good dude, I’ll test it out when i can. Thanks!

Thanks. Some features had a bit of a revamp lately, btw. :slight_smile:

including usage examples would help

@evandrix said:
including usage examples would help

I agree. I’ll do that when I have some free time.

I have try it, and it is nice. I must say that without example, it was not easy to use it on first shots, but with some patience and reading…

Maybe the users, who got it running successfully, could post their used commands. This list could be also then copied into the readme.


Hi there! I’ve just added a simple example… I have been pretty busy lately, so @TheAmazingPT suggestion would be of great help. :slight_smile: