New to HTB suggestion with hashid

Hi guys, im new here and just wanted to know how to proceed if hashid gives me an output like this:

hashid 7106812752615cdfe427e01b98cd4083
Analyzing ‘7106812752615cdfe427e01b98cd4083’
[+] MD2
[+] MD5
[+] MD4
[+] Double MD5
[+] LM
[+] RIPEMD-128
[+] Haval-128
[+] Tiger-128
[+] Skein-256(128)
[+] Skein-512(128)
[+] Lotus Notes/Domino 5
[+] Skype
[+] Snefru-128
[+] NTLM
[+] Domain Cached Credentials
[+] Domain Cached Credentials 2
[+] RAdmin v2.x

I just tested all the options with hashcat, but there’s any more practical way to identify wich one is the correct one?

Usually you will have a context of the hash (how you’ve got it, where, etc). Without that, you can try here or google it: example_hashes [hashcat wiki]. But in this case the size of the hash may help, in the end probably you’ll have to test one by one like you did. If anyone knows a better way, I would be grateful to know.

The context is a great idea, the module says about it, but i miss at some point. I made up to finish the hashcat module today and i’m starting to think it is more about experience and be used with hashes, to save some time in cases like that.

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