Netmon password not working - spoilers

As part of the beginner track after finishing the starting point, I’m currently stuck on the Netmon box.

I found the relevant password PrTg@dmin2018" in the “PRTG Configuration.old.bak” file after logging into the FTP server as anonymous and doing some diggin.

The password wasn’t working, so after some more digging online I found numerous walkthroughs that mentioned there was one digit different at the end, which made sense, so I changed the password to “PrTg@dmin2019”, yet I still can’t log into the web interface.

I tried a number of different variations of the password, incrementing the number at the end as one would imagine, yet I still can’t get access to the darned admin panel of the web interface, or the smb share, or the ftp server with those admin logins.

This box is driving me nuts and, as well as a few others, certainly doesn’t belong on the beginner track.

Someone please help me before I rip out my hair!

Fixed by restarting the box. I’m such a noob sometimes.