Netmon creds not working

I get creds.
but it is not working on login page.
any hint.

figure out the logic of the user

How old is the file where you found those creds?

Type your comment> @peek said:

figure out the logic of the user

thx I got your point thx for the help bro.


I think i have the same problem, i used medusa to crack the creds and i got it but it doesn’t work on login page, but i don’t see what ‘the logic of the user’ means :confused:

Any hints please ?

They might be outdated…

The comment that helped me a lot was “What year is now”? Think I read it on a R***** forum…

I mean i didn’t find these creds with a file but with medusa i cracked it, it’s weird because medusa found the correct password but i when i try to login on the web interface it doesn’t work

Oh ok nvm i got it, it’s weird because it was not the same creds than in medusa, it said success , so medusa got the wrong password , thx for the hint !