netcat or ncat?

I’ve read up on the two, and know that ncat is the the rewritten nmap version of the original.

It is supposedly better according to what I’ve read. What is the general consensus? Is it better to use ncat instead of nc? Or does it really not matter?

IMHO it doesnt matter.

I use ncat most of the time on my machine because I am more used to it. However if you are attacking a Linux box and want to use nc on the box, you are almost certainly going to get a different version.

Remember there are many versions of netcat around - for example, some support -e and others dont.

Thanks @TaxWake, appreciate the reply.

Bro ncat all the way.

–ssl and other things. I’ve bypassed a few shell restrictions using openssl to connect back to ncat or openssl.

You can make a freaking private chat room with the ■■■■ thing lol. The things it can do are the same as nc plus more. So… yeah… ncat.