Need sudo password to run Netcat

Hi everyone,
Currently using the pwnbox on ‘Shells&Payloads’ module. Trying to simply run the netcat command

sudo nc -lvnp 443

as part of the ‘Reverse Shell’ module, I get asked for a the sudo password. Result of sudo -l:


Have I missed something please (eg is there a student password for the attack box?)?

Hey! If I am reading this correctly you are looking for the root password on the pwnbox right?

Check the Desktop or Desktop folder. There should be a my_credentials file.

But on second though you shouldn’t need sudo to run netcat.

Brilliant, thank you! Now able to proceed.

In this case netcat needs the root access rights.
nc -l 443 starts the netcat listen to port 443. Binding to a TCP less than 1024 is limited to root. This netcat call needs sudo (or calling in a shell of the root).

E. g. the call nc -l 1337 is possible for “normal” users. A bind to TCP port 1024 and above is possible without root access rights.

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Ahhh, that’s a handy bit of info to keep in mind. I can’t remember the last time I used netcat with a port under 1024.

Thank you for the correction!