Need help

I need some help please, been stuck with this question for a very long time.

the question is “What is the name of the config file that has been created after 2020-03-03 and is smaller than 28k but larger than 25k?”

i’ve tried to use find / -type f -name “.conf” -size -28k -size +25k newermt 2020-30-04 -exce -ls -al {} 2>/dev/null and it doesnt do anything… what am i doing wrong?

The part -name ".conf" : Only files with name .conf are selected. May be -name '*.conf', all files with the extension .conf, could be a better selection criterion.

Are you sure that all config files have the file name extension .conf? - It depends on the system you searching.

In your second sentence the date is 2020-03-03. But in the call you use 2020-30-04.