Need help on - "Find The Easy Pass"

Hi I’m new and absolute beginner. I’m currently on the task “Find the Easy Pass”. I use the pwnbox and have the EasyPass.exe in the download folder. But I can’t work with it (can’t find it), it can’t be reached via the terminal and it can’t be started either. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help

I think the problem might be that you are trying to run an .exe file in a unix based system. If you do really want to do that, try using wine. Otherwise, run the file in a Windows machine.

Related to this specific challenge, once you figure out how to run an .exe file (:stuck_out_tongue: ), I found useful the tool x64gdb to debug the program and find the flag. Also remember that once you find required piece of data, the flag’s format is HTB{<piece_of_data>}.

Since you are struggling executing an .exe file I will assume you got little to no experience in reversing so I would like to recommend you this free basic reversing course: GitHub - 0xZ0F/Z0FCourse_ReverseEngineering: Reverse engineering focusing on x64 Windows. (do not invest more than 3 hours there, you don’t need it).

I hope this helps a bit.