Look at the name of the creator of this challenge, then ask yourself “why”.

@DragonC said:
Look at the name of the creator of this challenge, then ask yourself “why”.

Why, what’s with my name? :tongue:

lol whats that meant to mean?


EKS Electronic Key System (security)
EKS Elektromagnetik Dr. Scheuerer KG (German solenoid manufacturer)
EKS Everett Kaser Software (shareware company)
EKS Electrokinetic Signal (rock permeability)
EKS En Kisa Sürede (ASAP)
EKS Evil Kontractor Scum


scraping scraping scraping

I managed to get something from that link… Not sure what to do with it…

well if u have many of them all saved in a file…then maybe think what u can do with them

Some data can be used in many places… twitter independent :wink:

So I gathered them all and they provided a code. Now having that code does nothing for me because I have actually tried everything. I am facing a huge brick wall. Some advice will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

So… you have a code. Did you try Google?

I sure did, I’ll have another look

@deltaclock said:
Tweet object | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

scraping scraping scraping

scraped all the tweets… extracted all the metadata

yet the only obvious thing was the source from which the tweets were generated as it was a malware infestation

tried analysis with all 4 images but no result…

Any help would be appreciated !!

got it… just had to iterate more…requires hell of a patience and a glass of bourbon :sweat_smile:

Monstrosity is very complicated, May be something related to tweets or tweet dump. I am still struggling with this one. Not solved yet.

@zishan same here.

This challenge is still my favorite ever! SPOILER

@cyb3rsinn3r said:
This challenge is still my favorite ever! SPOILER

dude minor spoilers :slight_smile:

Stuck after cracking the thing that I got from the multiple things. A PM with a nudge would be greatly appreciated.

Nevermind, got it. I was overthinking the last part big time.

Any good soul can give me some hint on this one? I’ve been for days… looking at the lines that i got.
Tried to convert them to multiple encodes, tried to count the ammount of chars in each line and convert to base64 and from there see if i had anything useful. Nothing helped.
Yet, looking at those “lines” with my head 90º it looks something… but i don’t know if i’m on the right track or not. I’m desperate already. Hope i’m not spoiling anything, but if someone could give me a hint, i would really appreciate it.