Mirai get root hash need a hint

Hello to everyone.
I’m stuck with MIRAI, I got root and I found the message in root.txt. After a lot of works I found the device and now I can explore his content, btw there are only the files: damnit.txt and lost+found. I need some hint on how to recover deleted file from here. I don’t want spoil nothing, I have some linux cmd leak so maybe I have the solution in front of me but I can’t figure it out.
Any hint is appreciated. Thx a lot guys

Everything is a File in LINUX.

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@Heisenberg1987 said:

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The hint is in your post mate, you are looking for something that is not there anymore… check what you can use to get/find it.

Finally I did it ! @DedSeck thanks a lot, your comment helped me a lot. I’m not sure about the solution but I found the key. Can I pm you and ask for different method ?

Congratulations :+1: @Heisenberg1987 Yeah man sure go for it.

I am stuck in exact same place. any hint @Heisenberg1987 @DedSecK please?

@matikhalliqie said:
I am stuck in exact same place. any hint @Heisenberg1987 @DedSecK please?

Is there any way in linux to read or display readable words within a file? Once you know what file you need to look at, try using different commands to open or view certain things within it.

Does anyone help, I still stuck in the same place. Anyone pm me for the hint :astonished:

I am also stuch have root. looked in the usb and root.txt but i gues not enough sill to figure out how to get the deleted file or the content. I am totaly out of ideas and no longer sure if im even looking in the right place anymore.

pm me also with a hint its been a few days!

man strings
can’t say more without spoiling too much

I got the deleted root.txt file…but it’s 0 byte. No content. What am I missing?

sounds to me like to get the next bit of info you need, you need MORE

if that’s a hint for the linux command ‘more’ I don’t get it. because the root.txt I’ve recovered is 0 bytes :frowning:

There is a MUCH easier way to do this IMO than using grep and it’s mentioned in this post :wink:

shoot i know how to read the dang file but i need help to find it first!! PM please

can’t solve the challenge, me too i’ve a problem with root file. i mounted all the disk but i couldn’t find anything.
Any hint please

Search for how to read undeleted file and you’ll get some utility .
Just play will the utilities options .You 'll get the flag .

I feel dumb, but learned something interesting with this machine. @realitymind thanks for the help!