Making a team (Skid - Hacker - Pro Hacker ranks)

I’m making this team since i decided that i would do a writeup of every retired box, i’m currently starting the second half of the retired boxes.

This team will have 2 phases: the first one will be a “dormant” phase:
-Me doing a writeup of every retired box,
-Team members building up pentesting notes to apply onto any box
-Collaborative effort to learn about as many techniques as possible
-Collaborative effort to build up these quality notes that can help a pentester of any level

Once i have finished every retired box, we (team members) will combine our notes in order to make a massive cheatsheet that can be used for any box, which will make it easy for any skid to conduct pentests by giving them the workflow, the support they may need in any situation. (this will include notes made on cherrytree based from the feedback of listing techniques used by others in their process of doing the retired boxes)

Once we have produced these “notes to rule them all” the team will have a second “Active” phase where we’ll put these notes to the test, obviously as a team it’s about helping each other we’ll do the active boxes and consolidate these notes to hopefully reach the top

If you’re interested to learn during this dormant phase (which can last 2-3 months) i’ll send you the invite to join the team on HTB once you joined the discord server (to which i’ve set the permissions accordingly).

SO yeah if you want an active team right away that’s not a good place, we’ll become active mid-year i would predict.

(join the discord link on the team profile page, say that you’re interested and i’ll give you access basically)

May i join?

Hello! I’m interested but I don’t see any discord links in the profile :confused:

yea sure sorry lol
i thought the team title showed publicly

it’s also the discord link at the bottom of every webpage of my website: