macOSX -> openvpn -> htb machines

I’m trying to find a way to install openvpn on my mac then connect to the htb machines directly from the macOSX terminal. Many parts of testing (i.e. nmap, msf, etc.) can be done right on mac and it would be much quicker then going through kali vm. Does anybody have a good link/tutorial for doing this? I’m interest to hear how others have solved this and I’m sure there’s a simple solution.

On mac you can use brew package manager. To install openvpn you can do it like so:

brew update
brew install openvpn

But generally it’s NOT recommended to use your production PC to connect to the HTB Network, mainly for security reasons. Also check out:
especially rule 6.

You can also look at

Think the guys above have nailed the best osx versions for VPN Tools.

Should check out vmware fusion & Parrells for vms on mac.

With copy and paste integration and file sharing its a much safer way of doing it.

Having your main machine on the VPN means anyone in the lab connected on a box could access your local machine via anything you’ve got setup or bad config etc.

I used tunnelblick until i realized the machines were truly live and everyone else could connect to them which meant everyone else could potentially connect to me.

i immediately switched to my kali vm and run openvpn on that