Looking for a team

Hey guys,
i’m looking for people to discuss machines, techniques and support each other, when stuck on machines.
I’ve completed ~50 machines so far (easy/medium and a bunch of hard ones) and really want to tackle more hard/insane ones in the future.

i’m about to finish my master’s degree (itsec) in the next couple of weeks, therefore i’ll have more time to do machines regularly

if anyone wants to team up just leave a comment or pm me :slight_smile:

Hi, New to HTB and barely completing up my ejpt. Up for teaming up to learn as a group

Hey, i’m in same case & completely up for that, come on guys :slight_smile:

i don’t mind being included. I am learning rapidly however these hard and insane linux machines are still difficult and am having to learn for days on every step :slight_smile:

tackling fatty at the moment :frowning:


i have done around 10-15 machine, i will be glad to join the team