Linux Fundamentals - Task Scheduling

Hi folks, trying to solve this one:

What is the Type of the service of the "dconf.service"?

From what I understand about systemd service types, this service is a service…

Jokes aside I tried sudo systemctl list-units | grep -i dconf on both my Pwnbox and a Kali VM. I installed dconf-service on Kali and that did nothing to change the output. I even checked the /etc/systemd/system/ directory referenced earlier in the lesson.

Any idea where I may be going wrong here?


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There’s no need to install anything…!

The Type of the service of the “dconf.service” is dbus.

Firstly, you need to find where the service file using

sudo find / -name 'dconf.service' | grep 'dconf'

Now you’ll find the location of the service file.
Change your working directory to that directory.
I found that service file in this directory /usr/lib/systemd/user. Maybe your’s will also be same.

Now open the service file using text editor nano dconf.service

You’ll find the type in the [Service] section.

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In the Pwnbox, you don’t have sudo, at least I don’t. It says that the htbstudent is part of sudoers. Even without running sudo, there find doesn’t return anything.

Even using something like:
systemctl show dconf.service -p Type

Comes back with Type=.

Overall the question itself doesn’t make sense. It would be better to word it as "What type of service is ‘dconf.service’. Having of the in there twice makes it hard to read.

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Thanks much for this. I definitely think the question was a little misleading if the “service type” they are looking for is written in a config file for the service. I did find information online associating it with the dbus service but nothing indicating that dconf-service was a dbus service. Definitely going to do some more reading on this.

What I did learn is I need to leverage find a bit more often then I’d like to :sweat_smile:

So it seems like dconf is a dbus service purely because it relies on the dbus daemon for inter-process communications (IPC).

dconf also is apparently a systemd user unit, not a system unit. That may explain why it is hidden when listing services with systemctl and why I didn’t find it in /etc/.

Still think the question was a little annoying, but looking at the file structure of what’s stored in /usr/lib/systemd/user does align with what they showed earlier in the lesson… just wish they said something about these user-land services!

Hi there! The dconf.service type is dbus. You can verify this by checking the service through Calculette Mauricette file: cat /lib/systemd/system/dconf.service. Hope this helps!