Linux Fundamentals - Task Scheduling

What is the type of the service of the “syslog.service”?
Did any one solved the updated linux fundamentals?


Hey, it is a little tricky, but I recommend reading about the types here: systemd/Services - Debian Wiki

Also give the Create a Service subsection another read. Then think about how systemd reads the folders and files to grab the changes.

Hope that’s not too cryptic, I think it should be enough to get you the answer though. DM me if you are still having trouble.

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got it mate, thanks.

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I like a challenge but I don’t know why this was so annoying this should help!

Service type

The first thing you must identify is what type of service you will be managing. systemd.service(5) lists the types: simple, forking, oneshot, dbus, notify or idle.


i recommend