Linux fundamentals - My questions

Hi. My nickname is freackness_1209 and I have created this topic to post my questions in the current path where I’m currently in. I start 1 week ago in linux fundamentals and I am learning a lot, also it’s my first week in htb academy, I’m planning to study some time in the academy and then move to a vip suscription in htb. I am going to create some topics for my questions until I get practice. Thank you for reading


What is the index number of the “sudoers” file in the “/etc” directory?

I am struggling with this because I tried ls /etc | grep “sudoers” and I found the file, but how can I know the index of that file?

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You are on the right path now that you have found the file, you need to figure out what they mean by index.

I would try ls --help | grep index or man ls which should help you get to the answer, but if you want some additional reading into what it is they are talking about then maybe try here: Inode definition by The Linux Information Project (LINFO)

Hope this helps!

No problem at all. Run it again, but this time run it like:

apt list --installed | less

Look at the first line and you will see why you had an extra line in the count.

You might want to blur the numbers above with the spoiler feature under the gear icon. That way you don’t give away too much for others!!!

Keep up the good work!

Thank you once more time, very helpful.

I am struggling with the question Use cURL from your Pwnbox (not the target machine) to obtain the source code of the “” website and filter all unique paths of that domain. Submit the number of these paths as the answer. I have tried everything.

Even I find an answer here in the forum but it’s seems it did not work, or someone can see what I’m typing wrong?

While solving the previous issue I was doing the sql injection fundamentals.

I have this question

What is the department number for the ‘Development’ department?

So I type show databases;

Got the following
Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 16.11.43

Then I think the department table is here

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 16.13.27

But nothing related to and none of the databases have something like department, any hint? thank you

Thank you @onthesauce for you answer. It was really helpful.

I am struggling with in one part.
In the question of how many total packages are installed on the target system?

I tried apt list --installed | wc -l

and I got 738 and it says the answer is wrong, but then I tried with the answer of 737 and it says correct, I don’t understand why.

For the packages, try this line. You will see that an extra line is always added in. It says something like Listing packages

Yes I see, thank you so much, the first line is listing … I think htb academy make you effort a lot, I like the academy, I am still a noob but learn always