Learning to make machines

I am interested in making machines for many reasons, but don’t know how to start, I was just wondering if anyone who made a machine before, could give me a place to start, or a way to begin.

Edit: Worded my question in a better way.

Well, I can say no one can give you hints that will help you start. You just make a machine, and here is how it’s done. Your question is about what kind of machine htb users would like to see, and, unfortunately, no one can answer this question. It depends on your experience, which in theory is based on all the machines you have ever worked on. That is, if you have worked on many machines and seen many vulnerabilities they represented, you can know what people would like to see and hack.

This is a good place to start - Machine Submission Checklist — Hack The Box :: Forums

From there, @Tilia makes a good argument. Creating a box is extremely variable and also heavily based on 1) prior experience, 2) intuition, and in my opinion 3) creativity.

Good luck, and hope this helps.