KERBEROS ATTACKS : Skills Assessment

Can someone please help me with the below challenge or point me to the correct the redirection?

What's the content of the file: \\DC01\Secret Share\flag.txt?

I am monitoring the ticket with .\Rubeus.exe monitor /interval:5 /nowrap on Server01$ (unconstrained delegation) but looks like I am missing something.

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I could use help on this as well, not sure what I am missing here but I cannot figure out how to access the share. Thanks!

I got it… make sure to open your powershell as admin. And renew the ticket

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Try using the command type \\DC01\Secret Share\flag.txt at your computer’s command prompt to view the contents of the flag.txt file located in the Secret Share share on the DC01 server.

I am running rubeus and after rebooting several times there is a user called jake. Did you solve it using the jake user or was there an other user?

did you ever figure it out? the user jake is not a domain admin and i tried the printer bug, that didnt work either.

nothing works i even used ptt with mimikatz but they user jake.kirk doesnt have the proper permissions