Keep certified with HTB

I have an ISC² certification that needs to be renewed every 3 years with (most important I think) money/year and CPEs (Continuing Professional Education). While I usually have no problem getting enough points together, I wonder if HTB could be also a source for those points. I couldn’t find anything here, but since I spend countless hours rooting a box there should be some way to transfer them into CPEs (or CUEs or whatever system your provider uses).

Anyone here is in the same boat/has some suggestion? Or are only OSCPs here? :wink:

I hold two ISC² certifications, and hadn’t considered trying to get CPEs for my work on HTB. That’s actually a good idea. Based on the CPE handbook, I would classify it as “Performing a unique work-related project that is not a part of your normal work duties.” or “Self-study related to research for a project or preparing for a certification examination.”

Since my reason for joining HTB was for OSCP preparation, which I just passed 2 days ago, I get 40 CPEs to apply towards my certs.

Wow - congratz. Actually OSCP is my target too - plus having some fun (well, mostly frustration tbh) here :slight_smile:
I thought of it as self-study. The issue is, how many points is a box? I feel like I need around 8+ hours of work - spread over multiple days - to do a box (yeah, pretty noob). Would this be considered as fine? Actually there is no real proof how long it took.

Does anyone know, where I can get a ISC Member ID? I already have the OSCP but cant find anything in order to get this ID…

Well, you need to pass an ISC² certification. Most prominent is CISSP.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get CEU credit for boxes/challenges that I owned prior to the ISC2 CEU feature being added? I still have 2 years to get 108 CEUs for my CISSP - but it would be pretty darn nice if I could get credit for everything else I’ve done on HTB. Even if it’s only back to 1/1/19.

Does anyone know if now HTB submits the CPE automatically to ISC2 or do we have to submit them manually?

Good question - as you have to provide your certification ID I expected it t be automatic. However I couldn’t find the points for recent activities in my CPE overview (ok, don’t need any for the next 2 years with the new CPE program).

Type your comment> @grav3m1ndbyte said:

Does anyone know if now HTB submits the CPE automatically to ISC2 or do we have to submit them manually?

It can be done automatically if you sign up for the VIP.

Does anyone know if there is a problem with submiting CPE points to ISC2? It seems that this feature isn’t working any more.