Jeeves (found user.txt, strange .k file but unable to transfer it to Kali)

Hey all, this is my first Windows machine, I primarily use Linux as my OS and I have been doing Linux VMs from Vulnhub prior to this. It took me a while to get used to powershell and Windows enumeration. I’m struggling to find a way to transfer .k file to linux to crack it. Please suggest some method or give a hint about transferring files from Windows to Linux.

You could copy that file to your jeeves workspace. Then download the file directly to your pc by navigating to that location in web browser.

If all else fail, use Netcat

Heads up, there will not be any notification when the transfer completes, you can terminate the connection after a minute or so.


The answer is easier than you think. I was stuck at this point for a couple of hours. Enumerate your home better and it’ll give you insight into a vector you might apply, then you’ll figure a way to copy files between folders. I guess that’s the most I can say without spoiling.

Thanks man. Wondering why I didn’t think of it :pensive: