Issue with the Unified box on starting point tier 2

I read the write-up as well as watched several videos and I’m still stuck so I’m posing here.
I have rogue-jndi installed using java version 11. Built it using the mvn command.
I have checked my base64 encoding / decoding and it is set to port 4444 (yes, I have also tried other ports).
I have my netcat setup to catch the shell (nc -lvnp 4444)
I’ve just been using curl from cmd since burp suite needs a different version of java.
I used wireshark to get a better idea of what is happening here; it does not show the target machine calling my machine back at port 4444, it calls my machine back at a different port every and when I’ve attempted to quick draw set netcat to the port it is calling my machine on it says “Address already in use” presumably by the rogue-jndi & ok fine, rogue-jndi isn’t forwarding the request correctly but what this doesn’t explain is why I am no longer able to hit anything outside of the HTB vpn, like google not coming up.
Again with wireshark I’ve been able to see traffic back and fourth with my machine and the target but now I can’t even get to google. FWIW I’m using a kali virtual machine.
Any suggestions or is it time to reach out to support?
Thanks in advanced.