Is using tools for hacking count as a skid?

I am kinda confused that whether using hacking tools availble on kali or other OS for hacking count as skid. I think those tools are powerful that people ,as a pentester and hacker,can rely on these tools.Or maybe I have had a misconception about the definition of skid LOL.

I dont think there is a clear, consistent and definitive definition of skid in this context.

I know some people who are genuine ninjas at reverse engineering binaries, creating nop-sleds and stuff like that - but they still rely almost entirely on sqlmap.

For me, if you blindly fire the tool without understanding what it is doing, why you’ve chosen the options you’ve chosen or what the output means (and crucially how to tweak depending on the output), then it’s probably skid.

But even that doesn’t matter. Everyone is a skid at first.

@TazWake I heard someone said if you cannot code by yourself for hacking ,you are a skid.However,I disagree because there are numurous tools like metasploit ,nmap,sqlmap… helping us to hack.In case we knew how things works ,if we using these precoded tools to hack but not coding my own program , are we skid?

10 PRINT A tool is only as good as its designer’s understanding of what task the tool was intended to perform for the operator of the tool
20 GOTO 30
30 PRINT A tool is only as useful as its operators’ understanding of the task they are trying to solve using the tool created by the designer
40 GOTO 10

Skid aka. script kiddy.
Ones inability to understand simple scripts or the inability to fix a nerfed script/program.
These type will often end up running exploit code under the current user and system and wounder why they keep getting viruses and slowdowns.
Some like wana be crackers will download tools for multiple places because they dont know how to brute force in general.
Then you have people that want others to teach them how to be a hacker… they dont even know what they wana hack.

My 2 cents

I have no opinion but im a skid