Introduction to Windows Command Line Skills Assessment

Hi. I am on the problem

“User4 has a lot of files and folders in their Documents folder. The flag can be found within one of them.”

I’m just wondering what the password is to ssh into the box with user4 or is there some other way? I’ve been struggling with this ticket for a while now and I tried the previous two answers as passwords to no avail. Thanks for your help.


Hi @mgor25 How you got password for user2 or user3 I am confusion and struck there could you help me with HINt

HI. The password is just the answer for the previous questions

hi did you manage to get with this one? can you show me the command for solving this one?

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So what i have noticed is that in each directory there is a 0 flag.txt. But i Can’t open that file my syntax is incorrect. i’m trying this command Get-Content C:\Users\user4\Documents\9\0 flag.txt

that cmd does not work at all. i’m pretty sure this is the flag just have no idea how to access the contents within it. someone please help and point to the right direction.

doing tree /F listed a bunch of flag.txt files from 0-30 something not much help

You have to use the command type and its syntax to get the correct answer. Check the hint on that question.

For the academy icl11 you have to use the flag in all capital letters.