Introduction to Network Analysis TCPDump fundamentals

Can anyone help me figure out how I am supposed to get a .pcap file from the lab resources onto the VM? The lesson wants me to utilize the file, but I am not sure how I am supposed to transfer the file from my PC to the VM to run tcpdump on the file to analyze it.

Hey dude! Copy and paste the link to download the .pcap into the VM, then you should be able to download and unzip it on the pwnbox. I have found that this is the easiest way and you don’t have to log in to the Academy on the pwnbox to get it.


Thank you I appreciate the help.

No worries!

Feel free to PM if you need help.

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So I made it to Familiarity With Wireshark, but I cannot run wireshark on the Eth0 as directed. It says I don’t have permission. Not sure what I am doing wrong here

Are you on the pwnbox or your own VM? You should see traffic flowing on one of the different connection options. I know from a local VM you would probably be choosing something like tun0 because its connected via vpn.

I am using the HTB pwnbox. All connections eth0 eth1 and tun0 were giving the you do not have permission message when trying to run Wireshark.