Introduction to C# - HTB Academy - Skills Assessment - Simple tips

Your task is to create a C# application that will iterate through the wordlist, using each word as a potential path on the target host. You will make HTTP requests to these paths and check for the existence of flag.txt. The program will output the paths where the flag.txt file exists.

Since I have not found any post about this in the forum I will give a few tips to whoever might try the module and have problems.The skill assessment is quite simple.

If you try to overcomplicate it you will just have more trouble finding what you want, which is the path to the file.

Keeping it as simple as possible, try to replicate what you learned about Async and also a way to iterate through the wordlist, a good idea is to have the request response being printed so you’ll have fun watching the code iterating through everything (or not). No need to use StreamReader either, it would make you work a little bit more to obtain the same result but I guess its still an option if you want an all-in-one solution

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There is a lot of caveats for getting this lab to work. Have to use an IDE in the pwnbox VM on the browser, install .NET, and apparently have to be connected using the EU VPN…