Installing Burp Suite

Obviously, I need Burp Suite to do a lot of shit, but I’m running a Kali VM which apparently didn’t come with it pre-installed. Trying to install it myself has been the most painful thing I’ve tried to do in a while.

I keep getting the ‘java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError’ when I try and launch it, and I haven’t had much luck upgrading my JRE, because apparently Oracle has a burning hatred for Debian.

I don’t use Linux much, any help?

1- It’s weird burp is not installed on your kali, since it’s present in the kali tools listing Kali Linux Tools Listing | Penetration Testing Tools - Are you 100% sure it’s not installed?
2- you don’t need oracle jre. If you want to install burp refer to the official documentation and search any errors you might come across.
3- might be worth it to get familiar with linux a bit, for example learn how to list applications on the system, search, etc. Alternatively if you don’t want to learn a new OS use the one you are more familiar with.
Good luck

Bleh, turned out I needed to reinstall the VM. Burp’s up and running now.

As far as I know, Burp is only for 64bit OS, so if your Kali was a 32bit OS then no dice.