Indroduction to Python3 help with code

Is anyone working on the last part in ‘Introduction to Python3’, section ‘Further Improvements’? I’m working on the four bullet points under the ‘extra adventurous’ part. I’d be happy to share the script I ammended so we can look at the same thing while I explain what I need help with.

Basically I get code 404 if I crawl greater then 0 depth. But the page actually exists. Not sure where to go from here or how to debug. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll be there soon (just started the module). If you are still struggling Pm me. Just not send me the code just yet, will try it myself first and i iI manage it I can give you some pointers and of not we can exchange code and work on it together.

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I look forward to it. Let me know when you’re up to speed.

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Im working on this also! Im trying to get the question from the section! Seems I’m missing something pretty obvious…