Im stuck on changing the size of the iframe of Stocker.htb

I have used the command below but it seems not to open and show me all. I am using Burp CE

Here you go :
<iframe src=/etc/passwd width=β€œ1000” height=β€œ1000”></iframe>

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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I think you can use fetch + base64 encoding/decoding instead of iframe.

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just remove double quotes and it will work fine.

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yea whatever floats your boat :sailboat:

Thanks yall… removing the quotes seemed to work.

One thing I am trying to figure out is what tools to use when it comes to different machines. I ended up owning the Stocker box with the help of walkthroughs on the net & with your help also!

You need knowledge, fundamentals, common sense, try thinking outside the box, tools come and go but the underlying principle remains the same.

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